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August 22, 2023

Everyone aims to maximise their property’s selling price, but this outcome doesn’t happen by chance. Exceptional homes are meticulously prepared well in advance and with careful consideration.

While it’s true that you can enhance the appearance of your place by cleaning, organizing, and sprucing it up, there are several additional measures you can take to truly elevate its appeal when potential buyers come to view it. Below are some suggestions for effectively readying your house for sale, transforming it into an irresistible prospect for buyers.

Initially, it’s important to detach emotionally from your home. We understand that this can be challenging, but regarding your home as any other property will significantly assist in its transformation into a marketable asset.

  1. Conduct a comprehensive assessment

By thoroughly evaluating your home and pinpointing areas in need of attention, you will prevent any unexpected complications during the sales process.

  1. Thoroughly clean and declutter

Through cleaning, discarding, and stowing away items that haven’t been used since 2010, you will not only impart a sense of cleanliness to your house but also ensure optimal utilization of space. Here are our key recommendations:

Dispose of clutter that serves no purpose. Donate any unwanted items that could still be of use to others. Discard anything that’s damaged – if you haven’t repaired it by now, it’s unlikely you will. Consider temporary storage for bulky items like furniture or clothing you genuinely believe you might use again.

During your cleaning process, remember that the finer details are not overlooked!

Attend to these tasks:

  1. Enhancing Your Doors and Windows

While pre-sale beautification often takes center stage, opting for a door and window retrofit can significantly enhance your home’s eventual selling price.

As one of the oldest components in a home, transitioning to modern aluminum windows and glass-laden doors can work wonders. This update introduces more light and a contemporary touch, potentially boosting energy efficiency. Some homeowners even quantify their savings, using this as a selling point. Here’s how to choose the right windows for your home.

Seeking additional strategies to reduce energy expenses before selling your home? Explore further insights here.

  1. Embrace the Power of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can yield remarkable results. While you might cherish your earthy green walls, a prospective buyer may lean towards modernity. A neutral backdrop helps buyers envision their personal touch, and it can create an illusion of spaciousness.

  1. Complete Lingering Projects and Repairs

Now is the opportune moment to wrap up those home improvement ventures that were initiated years ago. Doing so can considerably expedite the selling process. Also, if you have forthcoming upgrades in mind, ensure they’re finalized before listing your home to prevent any unfinished impressions.

  1. The Art of Staging

We’re not referring to a theatrical stage, but rather the practice of showcasing your home with updated furnishings to captivate potential buyers.

This task can be undertaken independently or by a professional, serving as a straightforward technique to appeal to prospective purchasers.

By taking these factors into account prior to listing your property, you can enhance the potential for your home to attract genuine buyer interest, ultimately yielding a more favorable return on your most significant investment – your home.

Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated team, well-versed in numerous new construction and home improvement ventures. We’re equipped to assist you in enhancing, retrofitting, or even completely conceptualizing and executing a comprehensive window and door system within your residence.

Our specialists are ready to lead you through the entire journey, ensuring the creation of an ideal space for when your property enters the market. Reach out to us at 090-6626753 Roscommon or 01-4626671 Dublin, or request a complimentary quote today here!


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