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August 8, 2023

Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, you may have observed that winter introduces novel and distinct maintenance challenges. Those minor tasks that you may not have devoted much attention to in the previous year could potentially lead to issues for you during the colder winter months.

We have formulated a winter checklist to guarantee that your windows and doors will maintain the warmth, safety, and security of your home or commercial property throughout the chillier season.

  1. Weatherstripping / Weatherproofing

By weatherstripping your windows and doors, you effectively seal any gaps, safeguarding the interior from the elements – whether it’s rain, wind, or snow. This can result in a reduction of heating expenses by as much as 20%, ultimately saving you money on those costly winter heating bills! However, remember that even the most exceptional weatherstripping or weatherproofing technique may yield limited results if your windows and doors are excessively old.

  1. Upgrade Outdated Windows & Doors

Aging, outdated windows are the primary culprits behind heat loss in the winter, particularly single-glazed varieties. An average residence can lose up to 25% of its heating and cooling energy through non-compliant windows. If your home or commercial property’s windows and doors are more than a decade old, replacing them could put an end to your excessive winter heating expenses.

Consider opting for aluminium awning and casement windows. These types possess a single fixed point, providing enhanced security and protection from harsh weather conditions, while remaining versatile year-round.

  1. Revamp Your Curtains

Exchanging lightweight summer curtains for heavier drapery acts as an additional barrier between your property and the external weather. Improved window coverings can effectively maintain warmth within heated spaces and keep the freezing cold outside where it belongs!

  1. Sustain Your Hardware

Window and door hardware, including locks and handles, stand as pivotal features of windows. It is crucial to maintain them to ensure optimal performance, especially during the winter season. Dust and debris, such as sand, dirt, and leaves, can accumulate in your hardware and compromise the seals and functionality of your windows and doors. Be vigilant about these components, and if rust becomes evident, consider seeking replacements.

  1. Opt for Appropriate Windows and Doors

When contemplating a new construction, meticulously selecting your windows and doors can yield long-term dividends by reducing your energy costs. Deliberating on the performance of these components and installing the most suitable option for your particular space will aid in effective insulation throughout the entire year. For further insights into ensuring the right selection of windows and doors for your residential or commercial property, explore more details here.

To acquire insights on safeguarding and preparing your home for colder temperatures, peruse our website to explore our comprehensive assortment of aluminium windows and doors. Sean Doyle Windows boasts substantial expertise and experience.

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