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September 24, 2023

A crucial factor to keep in mind when attempting to lease your home or apartment within a shared ownership arrangement is the safety and security of prospective tenants. It’s disconcerting to note that renters face an 85% higher risk of experiencing a break-in compared to homeowners. This alarming statistic is prompting renters to seek out landlords and properties that prioritise security. In this article, we will explore several considerations that can enhance your tenants’ sense of safety:

  1. Assess the most suitable security systems for your tenants’ requirements

The choice of locks and security systems should align with both the occupants you allow in your property and your rental strategy. In situations where you rent out individual rooms within a home or anticipate frequent tenant turnover, many landlords are opting for electronic code locks. With this system, tenants are provided with a code and instructed on how to change it as needed. This approach eliminates concerns related to lost, stolen, or replaced keys, making it an ideal solution, especially for those considering Airbnb rentals.

For homes intended to accommodate long-term tenants, such as groups of friends or family households, the installation of a home security system can prove advantageous. Not only does this contribute to your tenants’ sense of safety within the residence, but it also serves as a protective measure for your rental property.

Typically, security systems encompass features like alarms, and some may even offer video surveillance. In the case of a bustling family home, the inclusion of a door intercom system can be particularly helpful, allowing entry only to individuals known to someone within the residence.

It’s essential to provide robust and secure window and door locks, all while maintaining an open and approachable stance regarding home security matters. Encouraging your tenants to engage in conversations about home safety fosters a lasting sense of security. Beware that older homes equipped with slide bolt locks on rear doors may deter potential tenants due to their vulnerability to intrusion.

  1. Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Considerations

Ensuring ample illumination in the driveway and at all entry points to the residence can enhance the sense of security for families and act as a deterrent to potential intruders. In cases where tenants or neighbors find bright outdoor lighting intrusive, the installation of motion detectors can be a viable solution, activating lights only as someone approaches the property, which can also startle potential burglars.

In addition to lighting, attention should be given to the exterior surroundings of the home. It’s imperative to remove any outdoor structures or clutter that might provide hiding spots for individuals with ill intentions. Encouraging tenants to maintain trees and bushes can further discourage anyone attempting to approach the property unnoticed.

  1. Evaluation of Door and Window Selection

Intruders typically target windows and doors as their primary points of entry into a residence. Therefore, it is paramount to choose the most secure options for home security. Older wooden frames are susceptible to decay and can be easily breached.

Opting for aluminum windows provides superior protection against intruders due to their durability, resistance to decay, and the added difficulty they pose for criminals attempting to remove the glass pane. Front doors can also be reinforced with aluminum security doors and burglar-resistant screens. Seeking guidance from a reputable aluminum window and door manufacturer and installer can significantly contribute to the safety and consistent occupancy of your investment property.

At Sean Doyle Windows, we work with you from design to manufacture, installation to clean up. We ensure that your windows and doors offer you and your tenants peace of mind when it comes to safety and security.

Thermally broken aluminium-framed windows are a top choice for body corporates and investment property owners, particularly when it comes to safety, security and energy efficiency. Contact Sean Doyle Windows today to discuss how we can help you.


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