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May 5, 2023

Giving a first good impression is important not only when selling your house in the future but also when reflecting yourself, it’s owner. Its exterior is the first thing that people see when they visit your property, so it is a must to keep it attractive and welcoming. Luckily, there are many improvement projects you can do to make a good impression and make your home stand out from the rest in your community, from upgrading your windows to casement types to installing new roller doors in your garage. In line with this, here are some smart tips on increasing your property’s kerb appeal:


To give a good first impression, make your front entrance a welcoming and inviting focal point. Consider adding some container plants and arranged them nicely on either side of your front door or close to your entryway. You can also add outdoor lights to line up the path to your entrance as this will not only add a night-time dimension but will also keep your walkway well lit, adding extra security.

You can also improve your house number, porch lights and mailboxes to add sparkle to your front entry. Likewise, replace your front door with a more solid and stylish one or repaint it with a more attractive and inviting colour. Also replace your old door handle with a high-quality lockset as this will provide you a subtle-but-solid first impression on your guests.


Turn your grimy and old-looking window into something like Odyssey windows or aluminium windows. The former can match the classic look of your home while giving it with a fresh new feel, and the former can give you effortless control over how much ventilation you need in your home. Also, consider adding character to your windows with exterior decorative mouldings, such as wood trims. These are great options as you can paint them with accent colours.


Similar to your front door, your garage doors also create a big first impression. If you already have one that is beat up and dented, it is best to replace it with a more secure and modern one. There is now a wide variety of garage doors coming in various types, colours, styles and materials. If you want a stylish yet low-maintenance door, choose those roller doors that are affordable, durable and of high-quality. Upgrading dilapidated doors in your garage can also improve your home’s energy efficiency as new doors are well insulated than the old ones and are stronger, enhancing your safety and security. Moreover, add an arbour to frame your garage doors, as blooming vines that grace its top and sides can make for a charming and welcoming focal point.

Sprucing up your home’s exteriors is one way of increasing its kerb appeal and making it more attractive to visitors and creating a memorable first impression. Just follow these home improvement tips and make your property look welcoming.


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